Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Hey guys. Omg! Prom is this weekend and I'll b so glad when it's over! I'm soooooooooo sick of hearing ppl talk about it. Course, when it's over, everybody will be talkin about what happened & who made out w/ whom and so on. All that, blah, blah, stupid stuff. So ya, I guess either way I'll hear about it. O well. @ least the stuff AFTER Prom will b more interesting. lol. Anyways, today was an ordinary day. I got behind on my SAT studying hw/stuff that I make myself do, but I've caught up, so I'm good. Tonight is One Tree Hill!!!!!!!! I so excited! I LOVE that show! It's soooooooooooooo good! It keeps gettin better and better. Anyways, wow. Nothing 2 say. Not really much happenin,. . .as usual. So, I guess that's it. Short and sweet. O! I have 2 make a Poem 4 English, any kind of poem. Well, I wrote some poems last year, but most or all of them are about guys. Well, my teacher is gonna make a book 2 remember our class by, so I don't really wanna give him a poem about a dude I like or used 2 like. So any ideas about a type of poem and/or what I should write about, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Although, nobody reads this, so I guess it's no use. Lata. Peace out! ~Ally~


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