Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hopeless Romantic

Ok. How chessy is this. I keep wishin that my dad, bro, step-mom, and myself would be gone somewhere, and then come back home and some dude (preferably the 1 I like) would be waitin in front of the house w/ his vehicle. And when we got home, he'd ask 2 talk 2 me, then he'd ask me out and we'd go out on a date and return later that evening. Totally chessy right? I know. . .. .but I keep wishin it'll happen. .. .hey, u never know. . ...maybe some day right????? (or not. .. I know. . .. ) It's mostly just the whole waitin when we get there and talkin 2 me part. . ..the date part is just an added part. .. I HATE bein such a hopeless romantic person! ugh! I just get all these dumb, childish, dreams in my head that'll never come true. .. .and I get so caught up in them, that I forget about reality, then I'm upset when it don't happen. it's soooooooooooooo stupid! ugh! W/e. I just had 2 get that out there. Lata. ~Ally~


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