Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day and work

Hey ppl. How's it going? Yesterday was an interesting day. I didn't get up til noon (my 1st this whole summer! lol), so that was kinda nice, but it made me feel lazy. N e wayz, so I cleaned up my room and the bathroom, then got on the comp 4 a while. I was gonna post something yesterday, but my step-mom was in hur, and Idk if she was readin everything I wrote or not, so u know, I had 2 keep everything on the d.l. lol. Anyways, so yesterday ppl came over 4 Memorial Day and my dad made his "famous" ribs. IT was kinda fun. But I was stuck takin care of/coralling all the children. But it was fun my step-bro, his wife, and thier daughter Hailey (whose gettin SO BIG!) came, and 2 families from church, my step-sister, her hubby, and thier 2 children (Shelby and Lexi), my step-aunt(-in-law) and her 3 children (Eric-about my bro's age; Kwen, and baby Aubry). So ya, I had 2 watch over pretty much all children w/ the exception of Eric and Aubry. IT was chaotic and crazy, but fun none-the-less. Ok, now about work . .. my step-mom, last night, told me I'd begin workin Wed.! That's tomorrow! I ain't ready 2 work yet! I NEED this week and the next week off. Trouble is, idk how my boss would feel about that. But I'd b off next week anyways, cuz I'm goin back 2 my mom's. There's no sense in me workin 4 3 days, then goin away 4 a week. I don't know HOW I'm gonna break it 2 ppl. I'm sure my step-mom will b plenty pissed. I just hope my dad comes home 1st, so I can tell him, and maybe he can break it 2 her a lil better than I could. idk. I guess it's like, if they're gonna b pissed and stuff, then I shouldn't work 4 them anyways right? idk. Any advice on the subject would b most helpful. Anyways, guess that's all 4 now. The day has just begun, so we'll c what comes about. I'll try 2 post later 2nite (or maybe 2morrow if I'm not workin). Love ya guys! ~Ally~


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