Monday, May 09, 2005

Mi Fin de Semana Loca! (My Crazy Weekend)

Hola! Bueno. Saturday I got my hair done, and lemme tell ya. . .I look HOT! People have been telling me they didn't recognize me and they LOVE my new hair. A few ppl even said I looked sexy. . .so I'm TOTALLY diggin it. lol. Ok, so Friday night I had my date. It was fun. We went to eat @ a Mexican restaurant called El Tapatio's. Es muy bien! I got the Fundido! Yummy in my tummy! Anyways, so then we went and watched Phantom of the Opera. I kinda liked it. I mean, it's not my fave, and it was kinda sad, but I liked it pretty well. Anyways, I might get my phone today. I so excited. Even tho it's only 4 family use, in MY school district, ur NOT ANYBODY unless u gots 1. And besides, I can use it on nights (after 9) and weekends. So, I'll still get 2 use it a bit 4 me. Anyways, yesterday I bought some cute, "summer" shirts. A couple of tanks and 1 halter/thingy. It's got a tie around the neck. .u know? Idk what they're called, but w/e. So THAT was fun. I also bought some new make-up yesterday. I look Sooooooooooooo hot today! lol. Well, hmm. There's this guy that's friends w/ Jess, and he's totally cute, but I definitely don't have a chance w/ him either. But hey, I can still look right!? I nervous about Sunday, and it's still a looooooooong way away. I just have 2 wonder what B.L. will think of my hair. . .although I dont really care what he thinks, cuz I love it. Besides, none of my friends will get 2 c it all special styled on that day, cuz I'll b workin in the nursery. I'll just have it pulled back. I can do it all special on the next Sunday I'm there.. ..*tear* That's the weekend Hill's graduating! My lil Hill is all grown up! *tear* It'll b really special. Any graduation ideas would be most helpful, btw. Plus, there's other ppl graduating like Tyler, and I'm pretty sure @ least 1 other person from church, but idk. W/e. I goin 2 c Hillary, and that all that matters. Anyways, I guess that's all I had 2 say. I had an interesting weekend/Monday. Guess there'll b more tomorrow. Lata. Ally . . .. . ..out! ~Ally~


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