Monday, May 02, 2005

Scary Sunday

Ok. So, I so was NOT tryin 2 look like a hooker on Sunday. I thought my skirt was longer than it was. But I was wearing my long boots (almost 2 my knees), and shirt that showed a lil cleavage. I feel so dumb! I think ppl were a bit unhappy about that. THAT will NEVER happen again! Anyways, that's not even the scariest part. Memeber how I said I was dreading Sunday cuz of Bryan? Member how I said I was tyin 2 get over him? Ya, well, uh. . .. I a BIT confused now. Typically all the youth(including Bryan) sit on a certain side of the church (cept me and Magen). So Magen and I are sittin on the complete opposite side, and, amazingly, Bryan sits 2 rows behind us! On the same side I might add! I'm STILL confused about that! I sure wish he would quit playin games. grr! If he likes me, ask me out. ..if he don't. . ..then stop makin it seem like he likes me. U know, I prayed Sat. night that if I wasn't meant 2 go out w/ him, I would c him do/say something mean. . .so that I would dislike him. And if I WAS meant 2 go out w/ him, then another sign. Well, idk if sittin 2 rows behinde me is a sign. . .but I have 2 wander if maybe he just liked my outfit malfunction. idk. Anyways, I g2g look 4 an SAT book. I already feel dumb cuz most of my friends are takin AP's for college credit this week. . .but I'm not. . .I feel like such a loser. Anyways, despite what this blog may SEEM 2 say, I'm trying 2 get over Bryan still (and it was workin up til Sunday). Besides, he prolly wont like my haircut when I get it. I gettin it done Saturday. Blonde highlights and layers. I think it well be cool, but that's me. It seems as though most dudes like chix w/ long hair, and that won't be me. I only gettin it cut 2 my shoulders, but most guys like chix w/ longer hair than I gots now. .. even tho personality should TOTALLY be WAY more important. Anyways. .. that's it 4 now. Until lata.. . .Ally. . .. .. .out! ~Ally~


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