Monday, May 23, 2005

Well, I'm excited! Sure, it's finals week and THAT don't make me excited, but it's almost summer time.. .and I'm READY! Last year I had such a blast during the summer. I just hope this year can match, or even top that. It's kinda sad not seeing my school friends this summer, cuz most of them r goin on vacation, but I'm not. I'm goin 2 WAKO, and I'm goin 2 camp this summer in Missouri, but that's all thats 4 sure! I bought Hill's graduation present this year, so I'm happy about that. Got her (and Jerry) a card and everything. .. so I'm excited. I'm gettin really excited about goin 2. Cuz I'll get 2 c Hillary graduate, I might get 2 c my Magen, and I'll get to c Tyler, and possibly Bryan.. . .so ya. . .. .super excited about it. I'm definitely NOT excited about my 3 exams tomorrow, my 2 on Wed. (w/ a friggin 3 hour lunch) and my 2 on Thursday. But Friday, I excited about. Well, I really don't gots much 2 say. I think tomorrow 4 lunch RaeRae and I might walk over 2 Domino's 4 lunch, but idk if my mom will give me money, and I would feel bad if RaeRae bought me lunch. idk. w/e. I guess we'll figure it out tomorrow. Well, I don't gots much else 2 say. . .so I guess I'll write tomorrow after my exams. Lata ppl! ~Ally~


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