Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, it's Thursday. .. . .just 1 more day of school til the weekend. .. mom said we might go 2 6 Flags Fiesta TX this weekend. . .. I was excited! I'm soooooooooooo ready 2 go 2 Over TX again! So ya, I'm ready 4 the weekend. Also, my goodness. . .finals reviews r kickin my butt! (Pardon me if ur offended). They're super hard.. . .well. . .the majority of them anyways. Ugh! A week from now, I'll b FREE!!!!!!!!!! yay! But, I still gots 6 friggin days of school 2 get through, but only 2 of following my whole schedule.. . .so that's kinda nice. Today in Spanish I did the speakin part of my final, and I blew it. She asked us random questions and we had to answer them in a min. or more. She asked 2 questions, and I bombed both of them. First she asked me what e-mail is good for. Then, she asked what I feared, but I couldn't describe it, so I spent like 45 sec. saying "um" or "uh", so she asked me a diff. 1 about what career I would like. I was thinking "peice of cake". Ya no, I said 1-2 sentences, and then had 2 repeat some in a diff format just 2 speak 4 the whole min! I think I only spoke 4 about 30 sec. on each of the questions. It sucked! Then, in BCIS we took 1/3 of our final today by doing Excel application. THAT was a piece of cake! I KNOW I did great on that. Tomorrow we are doing Access, which is a lot harder, so we'll c how that goes. Anyways, man! I've been sooooooo tired today! I tried 2 sleep in 0 hour (enrichment pd or w/e 4 u Midway ppl), but my friend kept wakin me up. Then, I fell asleep in 1st after he handed us our review. I was gonna try 2 sleep in Spanish, but we had a review 2 turn in and I had 2 do my speakin thing. Then, the rest of the day I had 2 work on stuff, so I couldn't sleep. I hope we dont have 2 do anything 2nite. I'll just go home and go 2 sleep! I literraly think I'm gonna try 2 go 2 bed shortly after nine (I gots 2 call my magen 1st!) Then, I'm out! Anyways, it's kinda depressing that it's the end of the school year, but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that my jr. year is over! It's been 1 tuff year! I feel sorry 4 anybody who's not a jr, cuz it sux! Get it over w/ fast is all I'm sayin! Well, that's really all I gots 2 say/complain about 2day. I guess I'll c u 2 chiks (whom I'm positive read this) later. peace out and keep it cool! ~Ally~


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