Monday, June 20, 2005

Blah-It's ONLY Monday!

Well, I can't type long 2day.. dad is goin 2 bed soon. He gets up early 4 work, so I don't blame him. Well, 2day was another day @ work. Same ppl, same place, same attitudes. There were only 2 "family discussions" (they don't call them arguments) 2day. So I suppose that was good. Then, we went out 2 c my aunt & uncle & cuzins @ my grandparent's house, but they weren't there. So we just ate w/ my grandparents and visited w/ them a bit. On the way out there tho, ya, we saw Bryan drivin. Don't know where. . .but we saw him. So ya, that was special. lol.. .jk. .. Anyways, I got 2 drive home and THAT was special. I LOVE driving! It gives me a sense of freedom! Cept when there's lots of traffic. . .don't like that. .. lol. .. Well, things are beginning 2 clear up 4 Magen and her family, but if u are/were praying 4 them, pleez continue cuz I think it's workin. Anyways, I can't wait til Wed. nite! LOOOOOVE church! And I REEEEEEEEALLLLLLLLLLLLLY hope Magen is there. I miss her bunches. I gonna call her here in a few min. Anywho. .. I guess that's all 4 now. O, btw. Idk if I posted yesterday. Ok, I didn't. Well, Bryan was sittin by himself yesterday in church, and I WAS gonna ask him 2 come sit w/ me and Jerry (yes, Jerry sat next 2 me-again), but the service had already started, & I didn't wanna cause a disruption. The lesson was good tho. O, and Tyler was there! Shocking! I haven't seen him there (on a Sunday) in a loooooooooooooong time. So that was an interesting/nice suprise. Well, I best be going. Lata! Much love! Ally. . .. . .. .. out! ~Ally~


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