Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Church and Friends

Since it's a Wed.. . .I doubt if I'll get 2 post later. Church is 2nite. Yay! I sooooooooooo excited! Magen is gonna b thur! yay! I ain't seen her in 4EVER! So ya, that's what I'm REALLY lookin fwd. 2. Sure, the lesson is prolly gonna b really good, and the band is always rockin. .. but I Magen is 1 of my best friends, and having not seen her in a while, I'm excited. I'm also excited about camp in 12 days cuz that means I'll get 2 c 1 of my other best friends, Tara. She don't live hur no mo, she lives in MO. So ya, it'll b AWESOME seein her again. Well, the phone has been ringin lots 2day, but I ain't got much else 2 work on. Kwen and I had a bit of a Chuzzle battle goin on, but we both got tired of it and quit. lol .. I know "never quit," blah, blah.. . .lol. Well, I guess that's all I gots 2 say 4 2day. I started out w/ a ruff mornin, but the afternoon is lookin brighter. More 2morrow or later. Lots o luv! ~Ally~


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