Thursday, June 02, 2005

Church and other

Well, yesterday was an interesting first day on the job. I've practiced saying "International Tire Shuttle" and NOT messing up, an I must say, it sounds good. lol. Well anyways, last night was the first night of the prophetic conferences that r going on this week @ church. So, of course, we didn't have youth. We had to go listen 2 apostle. I had a very interesting prophetic word tho. So, we'll c what happens. Anyways, we didn't get home from church until 11:30! It's not that it ran that long, but it's cuz I had 2 wait 2 get my prophetic word, then, as we were about to leave, my bro said he wanted his prophetic word, so we went back in. So ya, it was a long night, but it was worth it. I was sooooooooooooo tired, and I still am. I did NOT wanna get up this morning. But, I saw my Bryan! yay! He sat right in front of me! He WAS goin 2 sit right behind me, but then they told us to move up, so we did and I ended up sitting behind him. I think he got jealous cuz I was talkin 2 my guy friend a lot, even tho his g/f was there. I got jealous later cuz some chik (that I've NEVER liked), whose known to be a flirt, was scratchin his back! I was like "grrr! U better back off my man!" lol. Ok, so I didn't say it, but I thot it. I was soooooooooooooooooooooo upset! I about wanted to cry. It's so friggin confusing! Sometimes I could SWEAR he likes me, but other times, it's like..... .. . .idk... . .maybe, maybe not. I HATE it. Anyways, my guy friend said he would talk 2 him after service last night, but we got out late, and he had 2 go visit his dad in the hospital. He said he would ask him what he thot about me and stuff....... I was like "uh. ya......just wait until I leave." lol. But, unfortunately, that never worked out. He said I should just b set up 4 disappointement, just in case.... THAT was a nice thing 2 say... .... .Anyways, so that was my night. My grandma is gonna come get us @ noon. I think we're gonna go 2 the dollar movie, and who knows what else. We get k-razy w/ my grandma, so u never know WHAT is gonna happen. lol. Well, I guess I better go. . .. . even tho I really don't NEED to cuz my boss ain't here yet, and I'm pretty alert when it comes to answering the phone. idk. w/e. Nothing else 2 say. I MAY post 2nite, but it depends on if I have to go to the prophetic conference or not. idk. Lata 4 now! ~Ally~


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