Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dull Day

Wow! My day was pretty boring. I went 2 my grandparent's house where I did nothing but sleep, lie around, and watched 2 t.v. shows. And the news. It was quite boring. But, @ least I got 2 spend time w/ my grandparents. Apparetly 2morrow we r gonna ty 2 go 2 lunch w/ them, and if not, we'll go out there in the afternoon anyways. (U no. .. 4 Father's day.) But, we gots 2 go 2 church in the mornin! :)! I love church. I REALLY hope Magen is there. I haven't seen her in a while. I feel like I should call her, but I don't know how late is 2 late. I just hope she's otay! I wuv her like a sister! Anyways, on a happier note, only about 2 weeks til camp! yay! It's gonna b soooooooooooooo fun! Idk if Tara is gonna get 2 go tho. I hope she can! THAT would just b AMAZING! I hope Magen can still go 2! We'll c. .. . but I'll just keep prayin about it and that everything is ok. I cried 4 her the other day. .. it's sad. Again, I say, even if u DON'T know her, pleez pray 4 her! Anyways, I guess 2morrow I may get 2 c Bryan. .. big wow. . .it's so bad I annoy MYSELF talkin about him and thinkin about him. .. lol. ..but I still like him. I know, weird right? O well. O, I saw my aunt and 1 of my cuzins 2day. Another cuz and my uncle were @ the Cabellas in Ft.Worth, so I didn't get 2 c them. My 3 other cuzins r all workin, so they didn't get 2 come. But o well. O, I forgot 2 ask Jerry about the Bryan thing on Wed. nite.. . .I guess I should try 2 do that 2morrow if he's off work and @ church. I feel bad doin it tho, cuz he TOLD me he still had feelings 4 me, so it's kinda like I'm rubbin it in his face that I like Bryan.. . .but he knows I wouldn't date him. Ugh! It's tuff bein so Hot! lol......jk. .. .sorta. . .lol .. .Anyways, I LOVE gettin comments and feedback, so leave me a comment pleez. I greatly appreciate any and all input. Much love! Laterz! ~Ally~


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