Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First Job

Hey. Well, I'm workin 4 my aunt(step) here at International Tire Shuttle. I had a bit of trouble sayin it this mornin. I get paid pretty well, and all I'm really doin is a bunch of odd jobs. I still have trouble saying "International Tire Shuttle" too fast. Try it. It's tough. Anyways, nobody is here it seems. My (step)uncle and another worker are out back manufacturing the things, and my (step)cuz is about 2 leave. My step-bro never made it in, and prolly won't today, but he's gonna b workin somewhere else, so it kinda don't matter if he's here or not. My (step)grandma is in her house (cuz it's right next 2 the office), and my aunt just left 2 serve papers 4 her OTHER business, Texas Investigations (that's an easy one 2 say when answering the phone). There are about 3 businesses going out of this 1 office. There's the 2 mentioned above, and Fike's Sanitation which my (step)uncle runs. So ya, it's kinda interesting when answering the phone. Luckily tho it's got caller id, so that helps in knowing HOW to answer it. Where all the calls r directed sometimes are all up to me. And there goes my (step)cousin. So ya, now I'm litterally in the office all by myself. I've been playing games, cuz I haven't been told 2 really do anything but answer the phone. However, I'm positive that tomrrow I'll b shredding papers, and it might b a busier day than 2day. Ok, it's really awkward that nobody is her. O yay, here's granny! I'm not alone! well, I guess I better get back 2 playin games so ppl don't ask what this thing is. Lata. drop me a comment. ~Ally~


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