Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey there

Hey there. I'm just sittin in tha office doin nothin. My boss (well, the main 1 anyways) is still out, so I don't gots nothin 2 do. However, I did do a bit of database stuff this morning, so that was cool. Man! Got the burps! Dumb Dr. Pepper! lol. I ain't even really a fan of D.P., but it's all they gots and they all LOVE it. I think it's a Waco thing. O well. Then again, maybe I'm biased cuz my dad works @ Coke. idk.. . .w/e. .So ya, I don't know if I'll b able 2 post 2nite, so I decided to post now. My bro prolly went 2 my grandparents 2day, so we'll prolly pick him up, then who knows after that. If my aunt & uncle r there, then we'll visit for a while, but if not, we prolly won't. idk. Anyways, don't gots much 2 say. Hope all is having a wonderful summer. .. although I'm pretty sure nobody reads this anyways .. .although I still have this weird feeling that Bryan or 1 of his friends reads my blog. Freaky! lol. Well, that all 4 now. laterz! ~Ally~ P.S. Camp is 2 weeks from yesterday! 13 days! I counting! lol.


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