Thursday, June 23, 2005


Welll . .. . I gots good news and bad news. Good news is. . .I don't gots 2 tell Bryan I like him anymore. Bad news is.. .. .it's cuz he's got a g/f. I can't help but wonder if there is somethin wrong w/ me. I will always get a crush on a guy, think he likes me, and then find out he's got a g/f. Never fails. I think I'm doomed 2 b single 4ever. I hate 2 throw a pity party and all, but I honestly think I'll b 1 of those ppl who just settles 4 marryin someone they kinda like @ the age of 40 b/c nobody else is gonna come along. Sad, but I feel that way. I'm sick and tired of always liking guys that I THINK like me, but it turns out they don't. Usually, I can tell my friends when guys like them, and I'm right. But 4 my own fate, nope. . .always wrong. I feel like the only guy who likes me is Jerry, and I don't like him that way. I have 2 wonder if Jerry knew he had a g/f, and that's why he didn't tell me ANYTHING when he was supposed 2 have asked Bryan what he thot about me. He prolly thinks I'm a dumb, immature, weird, unworthy idiot. He's prolly rite 2. .. .but o, well. Anyways, I DID get 2 c Magen yesterday tho and she IS going 2 camp, so that makes me happy. I was sooooooooooo happy and hyper last nite till I saw Bryan w/ that chik. Then, I just lost all of it. I was sad and didn't really feel like talkin 2 ANYBODY. It was hard 2 smile. When I saw him after that, it made me feel sick. Anyways, enough about him. I NEED camp now! I need 2 just get away w/ my friends & have an amazing time. Magen's family situation is looking up, so that's good. I still encourage u 2 keep on prayin if u r tho. Well, I guess more some time. Bye. ~Ally~


Blogger Jessee said...

hey, so sorry to hear about bry, you shouldnt let it get you down. they say that if you try to catch a butterfly, you will never pin it down, but if you stop and be really still, it will come to you. Dont think about guys so much! find something else to do, and later one will find you, k? luv ya!

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