Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thinkin is BAD!

UGH! I'm so sick of thinkin about him! I still get a feelin that him or 1 of his church friends reads this blog. I came SO CLOSE 2 talkin 2 him last night! I was gonna borrow a dollar from a friend and ask him if I could buy his cap. (He was wearin a cap and it has a $1 sticker on it, so I was gonna do that, but chickened out-as usual.) Jerry said he was gonna talk 2 him after service last night, but he had 2 leave early 2 go visit his dad in the hospital. Don't worry, Jerry said he's doing better. I just pray that he gets out soon. Him and his g/f were really cute yesterday. She seems cool/nice. She knows sign language (and taught me part of a song in sign language), and Japanese. 2 cool right? But, it got kinda uncomfortable w/ all the P.D.A. Can anybody say "awkward.. .. " lol. Anyways, so I hoping maybe Jerry can talk 2 him 2nite, or 2morrow nite, or Saturday nite, or Sunday. But, idk. Idk if Jerry would even remember w/out a reminder. And, I'd remind him. I'm not gonna keep chasin after B.L. if it ain't gonna do me no good. Course, idk that he'd tell him the truth. ugh! boys r so confusing! I'll tell u 1 thing tho. .. . he sure does look sexy w/ his hair kinda long. Yummy! lol. As long as it don't get as long as Ricky's, it'll b good. But it looks quite nice the length that it is. And, oooooooooooooo, he was wearin a cap! U know how I feel about guys in caps? OOOOOOOOOO, LOVE guys in caps! I even gots a quote. I think it's something like "Guys in caps are HOTT! (well, 90% of the time anyways). It's when they take the cap off that it's questionable." But, w/ u-no-who, he looks good (2 me) w/ and w/out a cap (but better w/ just cuz I have this thing about guys in caps). Idk. I'm through rambling on about him. I know, I know. I'm SOOOOOOOOO pathetic! Anyways, I don't like bein all alone. I alone! My rents and bro r @ church @ the prophetic conference thing. Of course, I said I didn't wanna go. Not realizing, I HATE being alone. idk why that is, but I don't. I definitely goin 2morrow nite! Don't wanna b alone again! I think the real reason I stayed is cuz I need some "me" time. idk. I'm done blabbin now. Lata ppl. ~Ally~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy duty Alyssa how are you doing this is charla just wanted to see how you have been! Alyssa im going to give you some advise don't chase after a guy that does not have the same feelings you do> its not healthy for you trust me i know i have been thier you are a beuitful sweet and caring person the right guy well come to you just have patience i love you very much and im sorry i have not always been their for you
my thoughts and prays are w you
love you lots and for always

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