Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wednesday Nite Happiness

Ah! Last nite was so cool and refreshing! lol. The presence was strong.. . and much 2 my suprise Bryan was playin the drums. . and walkin. .. W/OUT crutches. It was sooooooooo cool! Although, we were right by the speaker, so it was QUITE loud. . and I don't think I sit that close 2 the speaker EVER again. . .but it was cool. The band was rockin, as always, and the worship was amazing. O, and Bryan sat behind me. ..diagonally. . .so I could see his Survivor shirt (he won last year,btw), but not his face. Then he started actin like crazy ol' Bryan. Startin a clap and makin funny sounds, and just being. . well. .. himself. I gotta admit, it was funny, and I enjoyed it. Then he went outside and my dad started talkin 2 him. Course I was over there (but I was talkin 2 Hill) and we gave each other glances and it was super exciting! He can play guitar, piano, AND drums! Amazing! No big suprise tho, his dad is into guitars and keyboards, so it don't suprise me. lol. . sorry. . memories of last nite. . .lol. .good times. Anyways, so I'm devastated about Magen. She's going thru a lot right now, so even if u DON'T know her, pleez pray 4 her. .. she needs it. I know I will be. Anyways, that's all that happened last night. I gots 2 get back 2 workin now. So long. ~Ally~ (I just said so long. .. . .) :) lol. L8r.


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