Saturday, June 18, 2005

Woohoo! Payday was yesterday! yay! However, I had 2 deposit some money, take some out 4 camp, take some out 4 tithe, and I spent some @ Wal-mart yesterday on stuff I NEEDED! So ya, . .. I gots $10 left! Wooo! lol.. .. I think I mite go 2 the movies w/ my friend 2morrow, so that'll get rid of that. .. lol. .. .Well, it's really early 2 b postin on the weekend I know. But, my parents r in Dallas, and my cuzins r in town from Colorado, so guess what. .. .ya . ..we get 2 go 2 my grandparet's house. No offense, I love them & all, but they're kinda "square." It gets pretty boring out there. But .. . .they live kinda close 2 Bryan. . .maybe. .. . .. lol.. . .jk. .. So ya, they're gettin us @ 10am!...ya My parents won't b home til 7 or 8. . .so we're spending ALL DAY over there. . .NOT excited about it! But, o well. .. @ least I'll get 2 c my cuzins 4 a lil bit. .. .until they go 2 the wedding we're not invited 2. .. .I guess it's like my parent's said. .. I can take a nap over there. .. .lol. . .cuz that's all thier is 2 do. .. .lol .. . .Ah, listen 2 me complaining. .. so stupid. .. .sorry. .. Anyways, so 2morrow is church! I REALLLY hope Magen is there! I so desperately wanna give her a hug! She needs 1. . .. .but I know as soon as I hug here I'll cry . ..and she mite also. . .but @ least we'd b cryin 2gether. Ya, I'll get 2 c Bryan 2, but Magen is my main focus. I hope she can get a ride! God pleez bless that mighty child of yours. Anyways, I gonna start gettin all emotional now, so I guess I'll just stop. Well, I gots nothin else 2 really say. ..and I gots 2 get ready 2 go. So, I guess I'll write more 2morrow or whenever. L8r! ~Ally~ PS: I totally rock! (Just thot I would add that lil bit.)


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