Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Workin chik

lol. . .that's my banner on my phone. lol. It USED 2 b coaster babe, but I haven't been on a coaster in a while, so I decided to change it. I'm here, @ my work. I've answered the phone, made database entries, checked my e-mail, read my book, checked the mail. .. .ya. .. .I know. . I'm good. lol. jk. But anyways, omg! Yesterday was a busy/bad day! It was more busy 4 my co-workers than for myself, but there were a lot of phone calls and the place was like a zoo! I don't think my step-uncle likes me very much. I couldn't find the number he wanted yesterday. First, I looked in the TEMPLE phone book, duh. .. stupid me. . .Then, I couldn't find the business section of the Waco 1.. . .I FINALLY found it tho. Luckily. He's been gone most of the day 2day (yes!), but I'm pretty sure he don't think I do anything but answer the phone and play games. Which, pretty much, that's how it worked, cuz my boss didn't tell me 2 do nothin else. But 2day I did that database entry stuff, so I feel special. Now it's just me and my 5 year old cuz. So ya. . .woo. .. .lol. .. I'm soooooooooo excited about church 2nite! After Jerry talked 2 Bryan on Sunday (@ least I think he did), Bryan was all smiley and stuff around me. .. .so. .. who knows. .. maybe he'll make a move. . (sorta-poor Bryan's got a broken leg :( so who knows). .. THAT would just make my week! lol. So I'm lookin forward 2 that.. .and seein all my cool friends (Manda, Kendra, Magen, Megan, etc. .) Well, I guess that's all 4 now. Hope everyone is havin an AMAZING summer. Mine's alright. I still ain't got used 2 gettin up early. . .but I'm workin on it. lol. Lots of love 2 all! Peace out! ~Ally~


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