Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wow! Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Ok. . .he's the d.l.. . .lol.. I've decided 2 tell Bryan how I feel on July 4th. After we get to Branson 4 "camp"(more on that later). And, if he don't go 2 camp, I'll tell him the Sunday after we get back. I'm tired of havin it all bottled up. 2day my friend Jerry supposedly asked him what he thot about me, and as we were leavin, it seemed as though he (Bryan, not Jerry) was smilin @ me. But,. . .Idk. . .it could just b cuz my dad was talkin 2 him. U c, he broke his leg doin somethin. .. . so my dad was askin him about it. My dad likes 2 play matchmaker. And not just 4 me and my bro .. .but w/e. So ya, I'm tellin him on July 4th. About work, I begin again 2morrow. I'm happy. Sure, it'll b a lil hard and awkward, but @ least I'm gettin paid right? Anyways, about "camp", I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited! It's in Branson, and it's gonna b LOTS of fun. It's not an actual camp tho. We're gonna go have meetings in the mornin & @ nite, and during the day, go 2 amusement parks, and @ nite stay in a hotel. So ya,. .'s our replacement 4 camp this year, but it ain't actually camp. So ya. .. .well, I gots 2 go. After all, I gots work 2morrow. Sorry it's been a while. .. more later. .. i suppose. .. .bye! ~Ally~


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